NYU Steinhardt

Proseminar for Doctoral Students in Teaching and Learning II

  • Course Number: TCHL-GE 3038
  • Hours: 10 per pnt
  • Units: 1-3 (var)
  • Description: This department-wide seminar in the advanced study of teaching & learning is designed for a heterogeneous group of doctoral students. Many will take it in their first year of doctoral study as an induction into scholarly reading, writing, & thinking. These students will take it for three points, attend all sessions & complete a mentored project leading to candidacy. Other doctoral students will take it later as an opportunity to stay in contact with a scholarly community as they work on their dissertations. These students will take it for one point in lieu of a doctoral advisement fee. They too will attend all sessions, but will only complete assignments related to these sessions.
  • Old Course Number: E27.3038