NYU Steinhardt

Mentorship in Education

  • Course Number: TCHL-GE 2402
  • Hours: 135
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course is designed for elementary & secondary teachers who will be mentoring new teachers, or for those already engaged in such work who want to refine their skills. This is an increasingly important role in context of teacher career development & the retention of high quality educators in the public school. The course will include a critical examination of theories of teaching learning including the dynamics of the mentor-novice relationship as a teaching-learning experience. Particular attention will be paid to methods of mentoring including team-teaching, critical friendship, inter visitations, & study groups, & how these work in the school context. Course participants will be required to engage in a "mentoring" activity in their school &, using this as a case example, develop the capacity to engage in self-evaluation of the effectiveness of their role as mentor.
  • Old Course Number: E27.2402