NYU Steinhardt

Inquires into Teaching and Learning I: Uncovering What is; Discovering What Might Be.

  • Course Number: TCHL-UE 0001
  • Hours: 60 lec/15 fld
  • Units: 4
  • Description: Inquiries I explores two themes: Learners & Learning & Teachers & Teaching. Students are introduced to teaching & learning by reconstructing, critiquing & sharing their own educational histories, & by reading & responding to the autobiographies & memoirs of learners & teachers of diverse backgrounds, needs, & experiences. The course focuses on way to promote & assess learning, support learners' interests, foster effective communication, honor diversity, create democratic learning environments, & enable teachers to fulfill their responsibility to self, others, school & community. By applying relevant professional literature to their micro teaching & their observations in school settings, students examine how the classroom context shapes the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes, & skills.
  • Old Course Number: E27.0001