NYU Steinhardt

Language and Literacy in the Upper Grades

  • Course Number: LITC-GE 2002
  • Hours: 30
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course offers an experience-based exploration of literacy education practices. It offers a survey of multiple forms of literacy, including non-print literacy & their integration in the curriculum. Surveys of strategies to support reading & writing instruction & study skills across the curriculum, with an understanding of the various purposes of reading & writing. Examination of writing development & related instruction & assessment methods. Focus on creating classroom environments in which learners collaborate & inquire together. Students will gain proficiently in providing develop mentally-appropriate instruction based on assessments during teacher-pupil interactions & assessment in reading, writing, listening & speaking. Focus on individual differences & potential difficulties in the continued development of literacy. Students in the field as student teachers throughout the course.
  • Old Course Number: E26.2002