NYU Steinhardt

Integrated Curricula in Multicultural Education, Social Studies and Curriculum Design

  • Course Number: CHDED-UE 1142
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course will provide an introduction to the foundations of multicultural, culturally relevant education, with particular attention to its implications in the area of social studies. We will examine issues of historical & current inequity in our schools & society. Explores dimensions of identity & diversity, as well as concepts of prejudice, discrimination & racism. Introduces the theory & skills necessary for successful culturally responsive teaching. Establishes the basis for planning integrative, social studies curricula that are inclusive of all voices & perspectives, & which prepare students to be agents of change in their own lives & education. Models broad variety of instructional strategies aimed at eliciting participation of diverse learners. This course proposed that multicultural education is by definition & necessity teaching for social justice.
  • Old Course Number: E25.1142