NYU Steinhardt

Educational Technology Studio Practicum: Special Topics: Designing Playful Learning for the New York Hall of Sciences

  • Course Number: EDCT-GE 2551
  • Hours: 10 per unit
  • Units: 3/4 (alt)
  • Description: "Designing for Playful Learning," will introduce students to modern theories about how people learn, & work to embody those theories in the design of technology-enhanced science learning exhibits. They will have the chance to test those ideas out with real learners at the New York Hall of Science, & subsequently improve on these designs. While the course will begin with a focus on constructivism & inquiry, students will experience the limitations of these learning theories as related to people's emotional & affective responses to instruction so designed. They will subsequently explore two much more "playful" learning modalities to help someone learn science: guided play & design-based science. Students will work in small teams to design & test instruction consistent with both approaches, aiming to teach the same middle school science content in both, so that they can compare & contrast their experiences. Three of the fourteen classes will be held on Saturdays to give students the opportunity to test their instructional designs-in-progress at the New York Hall of Science.
  • Old Course Number: E19.2551