NYU Steinhardt

God, Schools and the Globe

  • Course Number: INTE-UE 1012
  • Hours: 60
  • Units: 4
  • Description: This aim of this course is to explore the uneasy relationship of religion & public education around the world. Through a variety of comparative case studies, this course will explore the ways in which different models of liberalism & the secular state impact the core values governing educational curricula & policy. The following themes will be explored: how secular education constructs or frames religion & how state education impose specific value systems upon students, whether state education systems have a role in teaching values, such as tolerance, & how this could best be achieved while still maintaining respect for religious diversity (through public, private or a combination of the two), whether secular education necessarily entails the provision of an environment that is free from all religious symbolism & doctrine, & the role of religious based education in a post-secular globalizing world order. Liberal Arts Core/CORE Equivalent - satisfies the requirement for Society & Social Sciences
  • Old Course Number: E53.1012