NYU Steinhardt

Special Topics in Crisis Intervention and Management: Theory, Research, and Action

  • Course Number: APSY-GE 2702
  • Hours: 30
  • Units: 3
  • Description: The seminar focuses on the critical analysis of interventions & reform efforts specifically directed at changing classrooms, schools, & policies in American elementary, middle grades, & high schools. Topics include classic works grounded in what goes on inside schools, including ethnographic, journalistic, & rigorous observations of behavior, interactions among “actors,” & the environment. Topics also include theories of change at each level of analysis, the strategies & tactics employed as well as the key research design & measurement issues. Selected interventions in other cultures will be examined. Course expectations focus on targeted & high quality analyses of extant or proposed interventions from theoretical, strategical, & tactical research, design, &/or measurement perspectives.
  • Old Course Number: E63.2702