NYU Steinhardt

Special Education, Disabilities Studies, and Contemporary Art

  • Course Number: ARTED-GE 2081
  • Hours: 30
  • Units: 3
  • Description: Examines the history of special education in the American public education system as it relates to the field of art education. Explores what it means to be a student with a disability today. Helps students understand the ways society represents, constructs, or challenges ideas about disabilities through popular culture & contemporary art. Students study legal, social & cultural implications of having a disability in American schools today. Course covers how to 1) effectively integrate all students into the classroom, 2) identify the nature of their student’s disabilities as well as a range of strategies to help every student succeed in the art classroom. Students will look at current research into multiple intelligences & learning styles to discover how the arts (music, visual arts & dance), can allow access points for many students into the world of learning. Additional topics will include collaborating with general education teachers & use of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) as a teaching tool in the art classroom. Students will also learn to partner with the family, community, colleagues & students as create a differentiated & welcoming classroom environment for all students.
  • Old Course Number: E92.2081