NYU Steinhardt

Cultural Capital: Media and Arts in New York City

  • Course Number: MCC-UE 1152
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 4
  • Description: This course explores the multi-faceted nature of New York City as a cultural & economic hub for media & the arts, arguably the cultural capital of the world. Classroom instruction is supplemented by site visits, guest lectures, & field research to develop an appreciation of the ways that media & the arts have shaped the work & leisure of life in New York City for the past one hundred years. How did New York City become such a focal point for the creative industries? What goes on behind-the-scenes? Topics include: Time Square & live spectacle, the Broadway theatre, Madison Ave & modern advertising, the museum of New York, galleries, artists, & the art market, the Harlem Renaissance, alternative media & Bohemian arts.
  • Old Course Number: E59.1152