NYU Steinhardt

Special Topics in Critical Theory: Marx

  • Course Number: MCC-GE 3013
  • Hours: 40
  • Units: 4
  • Description: Much of what one calls critical theory today finds its origin in the work of Karl Marx. The purpose of this doctoral course, “Special Topics in Critical Theory: Marx,” is to read key works by Marx, supplemented by some contemporary texts in western Marxist political theory, with the ultimate goal of understanding the various political & philosophical debates with which these texts engage. The course emphasizes Marxism as as a political theory, but will also address Marxism as a scholarly methodology for critique applicable to disciplines beyond political theory. Some attention is given to the so-called cultural turn in twentieth-century Marxist thought, including Marx's influence on feminism, identity, representation, & visual culture. Themes include: the commodity, alienation & reification, surplus value, ideology, consumerism, subjectivity, postfordism, community, & communism.
  • Old Course Number: E57.3013