NYU Steinhardt

Topics in Digital Art: Making the Digital Print

  • Course Number: ART-GE 2341
  • Hours: 60
  • Units: 1
  • Description: This course teaches the process of making Large Format Digital Prints. The Digital Print is a versatile medium with an array of new papers available multiple ways to experiment & develop the image in 2-D, sculpture, installation, bookmaking, art documentation & portfolio. Course includes technical lessons in how to set up files & print. An array of concerns that lead to a successful print are discussed & explained including Color Management, Colors Spaces, how to process Raw Image Files, Color Settings in Photoshop, Sizing the Image, Resolution Needs & Effective Handling of File Formats, Color Burst, How to Make Useful Test Strips, Color Adjustments & Correction, Paper Types, About Epson Printers & their Options and Ways to Experiment. Students will be required to register for a non-credit lab section (hours TBA), which will allow them to work one-on-one with the instructor in the Advanced Digital Print Studio to experiment with techniques & materials.
  • Old Course Number: E90.2341