NYU Steinhardt

Graduate Projects in Studio Art (MFA): Art in Translation: Calligraphy and Modern Ink as a Contemporary Art Medium

  • Course Number: ART-GE 2917
  • Hours: 40
  • Units: 4
  • Description: By living & working in Shanghai, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to calligraphy & Chinese Ink as a contemporary art media, & incorporate their new cross-cultural experiences into their artwork. The class will look at the content of artwork, including ideas in contemporary & traditional arts, both Chinese & international, & build various skills to translate ideas into reality. With the medium of Ink, students will use their living experience in Shanghai to integrate & create artwork, with the influences of art that they have been exposed to, personal influences they have experiences, &/or the societal landscape that they see around them. Students will work on individual projects using ink to create paintings, sculpture, or multimedia art. Class time will be devoted to individual & group critiques, lectures, class discussions, & visits to local artists, galleries, & museums. A journal will be kept to record ideas, sketches, references & future plans. By the close of the semester, each students will have a complete body of artwork & participate in an exhibition.
  • Old Course Number: E90.2917