NYU Steinhardt

Internship in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness I

  • Course Number: APSY-GE 2655
  • Hours: 200 - 300
  • Units: 2/3 (alt)
  • Description: Depending on type of program delivery, this first internship course requires a minimum of 200 or minimum of 300 hours of supervised counseling experience in an approved mental health setting & participation in a weekly university seminar. Student internship sites include community mental health agencies, chemical dependency treatment programs, college counseling centers, hospital settings, hospice programs, special programs for abused women & victims of violence, among others. Seminar sessions provide opportunities to discuss the range of their professional experiences as counselors-in-training. Topic areas include: individual & group counseling, psychoeducational interventions, case conceptualization and treatment planning, intakes/assessments and diagnostic interviewing, crisis intervention, multicultural, & ethical issues. Students are expected to adhere to ACA ethical guidelines.
  • Old Course Number: E63.2655