NYU Steinhardt

Cultural Psychology: Anthropological Perspectives on Culture and Human Development

  • Course Number: SOED-GE 2055
  • Hours: 30
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course will introduce students to basic research on the psychocultural study of human development. It is designed to provide an overview of conceptual & empirical work on the psychocultural study of childhood & adolescence, the cultural patterning of interpersonal relationships including family life, peer groups, & schooling in plural societies. We will be examing basic research privileging comparative & interdisciplinary approaches with an emphasis on psychocultural levels of analysis. Topics of concern shall include theoretical work socialization, identity, immigration, transnationalism, globalization, & transculturation as it related to youth, families & communities, the psychocultural study of race & ethnicity, & the interdisciplinary study of social violence & trauma in comparative perspective.
  • Old Course Number: E20.2055