NYU Steinhardt

Special Topics in Cultural and Visual Studies: Theories of Visual Consumption and Consumerism

  • Course Number: MCC-GE 3111
  • Hours: 40
  • Units: 4
  • Description: Focus is on a genealogy of theories of consumption & consumerism, including visual consumption & reception, cultural consumption, & consumerism more broadly. The aim of this particular course is to chart the history of how consumerism has been theorized since the nineteenth century, & to make clear the connections between the literature on consumerism/consumption & the literature on visual consumption & the relationship of modernity & visuality. The course will thus trace an arc from the literature on nineteenth century practices of visual consumption & the rise of consumer society to contemporary debates about the relationship of consumerism to philanthropy, neoliberalism & global capitalism, & theories of cultural resistance in the context of new media practices.
  • Old Course Number: E57.3111