NYU Steinhardt

Global Issues in Nutrition

  • Course Number: NUTR-GE 2187
  • Hours: 15 per pnt
  • Units: 1-3 (var)
  • Description: This course introduces the current issues related to global nutrition. It integrates basic information about food intake and nutrition into discussions of major nutrition-related problems around the world. The course will present and discuss international, national and community-level policies and programs designed to improve the nutritional status of populations and to overcome barriers to their implementation. This course will also discuss nutritional status as a “continuum” whereby populations can simultaneously have members with severe under-nutrition, good nutritional status, and over-nutrition. The course will focus on the burden of under-nutrition but will also discuss several “emerging” or special topics including the nutrition transition, weaning and complementary feeding, and women and health
  • Old Course Number: E33.2187