NYU Steinhardt

Topics in Printmaking: Book as Art

  • Course Number: ART-GE 2164
  • Hours: 60
  • Units: 3
  • Description: Emphasizing a handmade approach to book making, this course will focus on the history of DIY aesthetics in book design with particular emphasis on collage, experimental book structures, & hand-rendered type. Art historical slide lectures about collage, revolutionary printed matter, zines, & books as sculptural objects will complement printmaking workshops in which students are encouraged to compare traditional concepts of the book & expanding possibilities. Students are expected to generate their own books for critiques, utilizing the print studio (as as the letterpress or silkscreen) or other fine art mediums. The instructor will discuss how a book’s structural elements support content to consider slippages between craft & fine art. Assignments investigating editorial structure, imagery, layout, typography, bookbinding, & cover design will illustrate the multiple stages involved in book coordination. Discussions of contemporary book publishers & designs will help students grasp currents & trends in today’s book market. Though this course focusses on a book’s visual aspects with emphasis in printmaking, textual matters are crucial in the study of book design & reading & writing will be required to underscore the fundamental connection between text & image.
  • Old Course Number: E90.2164