NYU Steinhardt

Seminar in Advanced Nutrition: Ethical Controversies in Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

  • Course Number: NUTR-GE 2288
  • Hours: 30
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course deals with ethical values & moral judgments of right & wrong & good & bad -- related to the consequences of food production & marketing, dietary advice, & food choices for nutrition & public health. Through case studies involving extensive reading & analysis, it investigates current ethical dilemmas in such areas as the effects of industrial & alternative agriculture on farm animals. farm workers, & the environment; food product advertising, & marketing; food labeling; regulation of food safety; food assistance to the poor; food aid to developing countries; creation of nutritional standards; & dietary advice to the public. Each case examines the ethical implications of current practices from the standpoint of diverse stakeholders in food systems: producers, marketers, government officials, health professionals, & the public.
  • Old Course Number: E33.2288