NYU Steinhardt

Foundations of the Learning Sciences

  • Course Number: EDCT-GE 2175
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course focuses on the social & cultural issues of learning as they relate to individual & group cognition in the context of media-rich technology learning environments. We explore how educational technologies are often designed from particular theoretical approaches that are linked to the work of leading educational research communities. We not only study the often hidden connection between the research community members & the technologies they affect, but also how these theories play upon each other in the invention of new paradigms for learning with technologies. In short, we delve deeply into constructivism/constructionism, scaffolding, apprenticeship, distributed cognition, computer-supported collaborative learning, knowledge-building communities, the learning sciences, perspectivity, & identity formation as they relate to the creation of successful & equitable learning environments for diverse populations of learners. Students write a final paper & conduct an evaluation of the embedded theories in an existing learning environment of their choice (such as Second Life, Logo, Scratch, NetLogo, The Sims).
  • Old Course Number: E19.2175