NYU Steinhardt

Seminar in Advanced Nutrition: Diseased Gut

  • Course Number: NUTR-GE 2286
  • Hours: 10 per pnt
  • Units: 1-6 (var)
  • Description: This class is designed to strengthen students? clinical nutrition knowledge specifically as it relates to the management of acute Gastrointestinal Diseases & the consequences of major GI surgery. The course will have a surgical emphasis but will also cover non-surgical GI disease & the medical literature as it related to nutrition support. Students will expand their knowledge on the digestion & absorption through gaining a thorough understanding of the consequences of short bowel & intestinal failure. In addition through critical analysis of research studies they will learn evidence based practice as it related to feeding patients with severe GI disease/malnutrition /major surgery.
  • Old Course Number: E33.2286