NYU Steinhardt

Media Literacy and Art in the Classroom

  • Course Number: ARTED-GE 2277
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 3
  • Description: This course focuses on enhancing classroom practice through exploration of the uses of media & technology. The course addresses the development of media literacy skills with an added focus on on developing methods to utilize media as a tool to enhance content in the art classroom. The potential of media & technology to assist in the development of innovative curricula in all content areas is examined, with attention to interdisciplinary curricula integrating the arts. There is a substantial lab component to this course, providing extensive hands-on experience in available technologies. Additional topics include the changing classroom in the information age; visual literacy; the role of media technologies for communication in a diverse, democratic society; authenticity & reproduction; inquiry-based learning & technology.
  • Old Course Number: E92.2277