NYU Steinhardt

Assessment in Special Education

  • Course Number: SPCED-GE 2136
  • Hours: 30
  • Units: 3
  • Description: The course is intended to acquaint students with various forms of normative, criterion-referenced & classroom assessment strategies, with particular reference to federal & state mandates regarding non-discriminatory assessments required in special education. Emphasis will be placed on adolescents with disabilities, & those at risk, attending middle & high schools. Students will learn psychometric concepts in both written & observational assessments (reliability, validity). Focus will be placed mainly on three aspects of assessment: decisions regarding pre-referral & referrals for special education; developing annual goals for the student’s individualized education programs (IEP); &, monitoring of classroom instruction, including progress toward annual goals that are stipulated on the IEP required for every student with disabilities.
  • Old Course Number: E75.2136