NYU Steinhardt

Censorship in American Culture

  • Course Number: MCC-UE 1010
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 4
  • Description: An upper level course on the topic of censorship in American culture, from the late 19th century to the present. The course explores many of the areas where debates about obscenity & censorship have been urgently contested, from discussion bout birth control, to literature, film, theatre, art galleries & history museums, to public sidewalks, lecture halls, & the internet. The goal is for the students to have an enhanced understanding of the historical contexts in which important cultural & legal struggles over censorship have taken place, & to bring that understanding to bear on contemporary debates about the arts, sexuality, national security, media technology, privacy, & government involvement in the marketplace of ideas & images.
  • Old Course Number: E59.1010