NYU Steinhardt

Space and Place in Human Communication

  • Course Number: MCC-UE 1002
  • Hours: 45
  • Units: 4
  • Description: This course will build on a core concept of Lewis Mumford who understood media ecology as a component of spatial & urban ecology. Emphasis will be given on how space socially organizes human meaning & on the ?inscription? of space. How do people, through, their practices & their being in the world, form relationships with the locales they occupy (both the natural world & the build environment)? How do they attach meanings to spaces to create places? & how do the experiences of inhabiting viewing & hearing those places shape their meanings, communicative practices, cultural performance memories & habits? Course themes include; mapping & the imagination; vision & space, soundscape, architecture & landscape; new media & space/time compression; space & identity; spatial violence; spatialization of memory. Liberal Arts CORE equivalent – satisfies the requirement for Cultures & Contexts
  • Old Course Number: E59.1002