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Biodiversity and the Earth System

This course will take you on a journey of exploration that challenges the assumptions you have about the Earth and Life. You will learn to use the tools of science, inquiry and investigation while exploring the urban environment of New York City and biodiversity and extinction in London and Lyme Regis.

Course #
Teaching and Learning
Liberal Arts Core


Catherine Milne

Chair Dept. of Teaching and Learning, Professor of Science Education

Have you ever thought about how you interact with the Earth? This course will introduce you to the Earth as experienced and to the Earth as a dynamic integrated system that is powered by energy that came from the very inception of the Earth and how the Earth came to be what we experience. By exploring the practices of science from observing and measurement to analyzing and explaining data, you learn to use data and produce scientific knowledge for yourself and the public. You will learn to use theory to explain observations about this dynamic Earth and the living things, including humans, that depend on the Earth for their very existence.  Fulfills the Integrated Liberal Arts requirement.

CORE Requirement Equivalency: Natural Science