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The NYU Steinhardt Office of Research is actively working with funding agencies to understand updated guidelines in the wake of changing research circumstances and will communicate directly with PIs as information becomes available. We hope this information is helpful and are here to assist as needed. Please don't hesitate to contact our office at with any questions or concerns.

Please reference the NYU Research and Laboratories webpage and NYU IRB Coronavirus Information for Human Subjects Research Investigators Guidelines for additional information and guidance.

Research Activities

NYU's Vice Provost of Research, Stacie Bloom, has suspended all non-essential in-person research activities effective March 23, 2020. Only critical research as defined in the aforementioned notice, with the approval of the Department Chair and Dean may continue beyond March 23, 2020. In exceptional cases, where remote options are not possible, researchers may request to continue field-based research activities. Please submit requests to We anticipate these to be few in number. Note: that non-essential research may continue as long as it is remote (not in-person or on-campus).

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Payments to Human Subjects

In compliance with the communication issued on Wednesday, March 18 from NYU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office, which states effective immediately, all in-person research interactions with human subjects (both domestic and foreign) must be suspended if that research is approved under the auspices of the NYU Washington Square IRB, NYU Steinhardt has revised our payment policy to allow for an alternative method of remuneration for research participants. Individuals will now receive payment via Amazon digital gift cards in lieu of the previous method of payment which involved physical distribution of Bank of America prepaid gift cards.

The process for initiating payments to human subjects (during COVID-19 pandemic) is as follows:

Complete the Amazon Prepaid Digital Gift Cards request form, which includes:

  1. Chartfield to be charged

  2. Date range for upcoming research (one month period maximum per request)

  3. Quantity of each denomination needed

  4. Copy of IRB, including sections specifying method of payment and denominations

  5. PI approval email

Once the request is reviewed and approved, the Office of Research will:

  1. Establish a tracking sheet using Google Sheets to share with the PI and Requester

  2. Email an encrypted Excel file with all card redemption codes with instructions for access and reconciliation

  3. Once redemption codes are received, PIs and card managers may distribute them to research participants.

Note: Reconciliation must be completed using the provided tracking sheet on a monthly basis, when all redemption codes are distributed, and when more cards are requested.

Funding Opportunities

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research is supporting and mobilizing NYU's research expertise and scientific capabilities to aid New York City and people across the globe affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding Opportunities

Visiting Scholars

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a pause on approving new Visiting Scholar applications until October 1, 2020.

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