Shakespeare: Page, Stage, Engage - Forum History

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Shakespeare: Page, Stage, Engage - Forum History

The forum on Shakespeare: Page, Stage, Engage follows four successful forums. This forum will investigate the implications of producing and teaching Shakespeare in the 21st century.

1. In August 2003, the Forum on Assessment in Arts Education launched the ARTSPRAXIS publication. Over 130 participants committed to discourse among arts educators gathered at the Forum. The first issues of the journal published the leading articles from the NYU Forum on Assessments in Arts Education.

2. In April 2005, the second forum addressed The Teaching Artist and was based in forging relationships and exploring ways to integrate the arts into schools and community settings.

3. In April 2006, the third forum focused on Ethnotheatre and Theatre for Social Justice exploring the significant issues which impact upon the field of educational theatre. This forum inspired the second issue of ARTSPRAXIS.

4. In April 2007, the fourth forum focused on Drama Across the Curriculum and Beyond investigating multiple ways to infuse drama across the curriculum and in community settings.

Some of the featured guests from previous forums have included Judith Ackroyd, Edie Demas, James Fraser, Kathleen Gallagher, Maxine Greene, Robert Land, Carole Miller, Jonothan Neelands, Jane Remer, Johnny Saldana, Juliana Saxton, Richard Schechner, Chris Vine, and Christine Warner.