Response to Intervention: What, Why, and How Valid Is It?

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Response to Intervention: What, Why, and How Valid Is It?

Conference: November 17, 2006

The Conference will focus on an analysis of Response to Intervention as an alternative approach to identifying children with learning disabilities. We will discuss:
- Deficit, Difference and Variability: How should we conceptualize literacy learning difficulties in the context of RTI?
- Evidence-based literacy interventions: What works with whom in what contexts?
- What should a culturally responsive second tier of instruction look like?
- Progress monitoring and data-based decision making in the context of RTI
- The assessment challenge for school systems in implementing RTI
- Re-thinking learning disabilities
- Moving forward with RTI in New York: How will RTI help public schools serve all students more effectively?

Presenters (click here to read bios)

Keynote Speakers:
- Doug Fuchs
- Lynn Fuchs
- Lou Danielson

Additional Speakers:
- Mary Brabeck
- Don Compton
- Richard D’Auria
- Esther Friedman
- Kate Garnett
- Matt Giugno
- Chris Lemons
- Brenda McDonagh
- Robert Schwartz
- Katherine A. Doughtery Stahl
- Cristine Vaughn
- Linda Wernikoff
- Joanna Williams
- and others

NYU Lipton Hall in D’Agostino Hall
108 West 3rd Street

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2006. 8:30am-3:30pm (click here for a detailed schedule)

FEE: $75.00

RSVP by November 3.

Sponsored by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education and the Department of Teaching and Learning

Office of Special Programs, 212-992-9380