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Educating the Global City

Conference on Globalization, Education, Immigration, and the Changing Demographics of Global Cities In celebration of the opening of the Institute for Globalization and Education in Metropolitan Settings, IGEMS.

Location: The Great Hall, Cooper Union.
Free and open to the public

IGEMS coordinates under a single umbrella the scholarly and outreach activities of NYU’s wellestablished Metropolitan Center for Urban Education and the newly founded Immigration Studies at NYU—the former Harvard Immigration Projects. IGEMS is devoted to scholarly work on Globalization, Education, Immigration, and the Changing Demographics of Global Cities. It serves to coordinate basic research, policy work, and dissemination linking pre-collegiate and tertiary education. IGEMS works to advance the scientific, humanistic, and scholarly understanding of education in global cities and to examine the most promising best practices and best policy options for improving education in rapidly changing global environments.

The conference celebrating the opening of IGEMS will focus on the following topics:

  • why nearly all advanced post-industrial democracies are facing very similar migration issues;
  • why the new wave of immigration and globalization is different from previous waves and why schooling now matters more than ever before;
  • what schools and communities must do to meet the challenge and opportunity to harness the energy of this wave of global migration into the city.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Mary Robinson, Former President of the Republic of Ireland and
    United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights;
  • Dr. Rita Süssmuth, Former President of the German Federal Parliament and
    Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Women, Youth and Health.
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