International Education Conference

International Education Conference 2010
Re-Building Nations, Re-Thinking Education

Fifth Annual Conference of the International Education Program

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development, New York University

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Program Begins at 8:30AM @ Kimball Hall, 246 Greene Street

NYU Washington Square Campus
New York, New York

**Free and Open to the Public**

The International Education program At New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development is pleased to host its Fifth Annual International Education conference. We invite you to our conference, to be held at New York University's Washington Square campus March 25 and 26th, 2010.

This year's conference, "Re-Building Nations, Re-Thinking Education," will bring together academics and practitioners to discuss the building, re-building, and re-imagining of nations via educational institutions and practices.

In the 21st century, the notion of "nation-building" resonates in multiple contexts: from reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, to charter schools in New Orleans, to re-imagining of national identity in Germany. Why is education a crucial element of nation building? How do national education systems serve as mechanisms for the formation of group identities and the transmission of collective histories? What is the relevance of the nation-state in an increasingly cosmopolitan global society?

The 2010 conference will address these and other questions. In bringing together students, scholars, researchers, and practitioners, we aim to come to new understandings of the nature of our work in the field and in the classroom.

Marianne Mollmann
Women's Rights Advocacy Director
Human Rights Watch 


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The 2010 Conference will be hosted at the Washington Square campus at New York University, primarily in buildings associated with the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. Information about travel to and from New York, accommodation options, fees and procedures will be provided in a few weeks.

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Conference Chairs: Jenny Auerbach, Christian Bracho, Amy Kapit-Spitalny, Martha McGivern, Lauren Sinclair, Rachel Wahl, Ashleigh White

Conference Committee Members: Alexis Pang-Ben Bella, Rachel Cole, Sarah DeMott, Isabel Kentangian, Liz Knauer

 Conference Advisers: Philip Hosay, Cynthia Miller Idriss, Dana Burde, Erin Murphy-Graham