International Education Conference

International Education Conference 2009

Developing Peace: Education for Mutual Understanding

Fourth Annual Conference of the International Education Program
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development, New York University
Friday, March 6, 2009
Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East
New York, New York
**Free and Open to the Public**

Program Highlights Include:

Keynote speaker: Jean-Marie Guehenno, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and Center on International Cooperation (NYU),   United Nations Under-Secretary General in charge of Peace Keeping 2000-2008

Scholars At Risk Panel Discussion with Scholars from Belarus and Ethiopia 

Nine Student and Scholar Panels 

Closing Remarks from NYU Steinhardt Dean Mary Brabeck 

Networking Lunch and Closing Reception 

Conference Theme
Developing Peace: Education for Mutual Understanding
Education in the twenty-first century brings with it unique challenges and opportunities. Chief among these are the development of peace and mutual understanding.

Essential to the achievement of peace is the cultivation of engaged, informed citizens. Schools - as gatekeepers for the transmission of knowledge - must play a role in teaching for active and responsible citizenship at local, national, and global levels. 

Joining schools in the effort to build a culture of peace are governments, foundations, international non-governmental organizations, and aid agencies. Seeking to counteract the consequences of poverty, prejudice, discrimination, violence, and war, they promote social justice, tolerance, and respect for human life and dignity within and among nations.

This student conference seeks to foster an open exchange of ideas on promoting mutual understanding. By examining how educators, education systems, politicians, community leaders, philanthropists, and students alike are responding to an array of contemporary educational and societal demands, the goal of this conference is to highlight successful examples of innovation or  demonstrate those that present less favorable results.

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Conference Chairs: Elizabeth Hanauer, Fabrice Jaumont, Karleigh Koster, Naomi Moland, Jane Ross, Alexandra Wood
Conference Committee Members: Jenny Auerbach, Christian Bracho, Amy Kapit, Athena Maikish, Martha McGivern, Carolyn Sattin, Lauren Sinclair, Rachel Wahl, Ashleigh White
Conference Advisers: Philip Hosay, Cynthia Miller Idriss, Dana Burde