The Citizenship and Applied Theatre (CAT) forum

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The Citizenship and Applied Theatre (CAT) forum

The Citizenship and Applied Theatre (CAT) forum invites participants to its hang out space, otherwise known as the CAT club. Forum organizers have negotiated a very cool deal with a Greenwich Village establishment for CAT  attendees to dialogue , network  and get happy hour priced  beverages.  Club members will have to present  one of two distinguishing badges to gain entrance.  More on the badges later.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to meet and greet, and to be a cool CAT.  The CAT club is open every day at the conclusion of forum activities.  Do you know where the club is? If so, write Daphnie Sicre and if you are the first to guess correctly you might get a cool gift.

And now let’s meet the forum committee and some other folk known to frequent the cool CAT club....


Three members of the committee,  Chris Goslin, Evelynn Harmer, and Jonathan Jones ask Educational Theatre’s administrative aide, Rochelle Brown, for directions to the club while security guard Vera Perez keeps a watchful eye on them. 






Dedicated cool CATS Amy Cordileone, and Lorena Elizondo think the club is at Washington Square Park.







 Robert Keith, Sara Simons, and Daphnie Sicre forget that the Provincetown Playhouse, a landmark American Theatre, is currently under reconstruction and cannot house the club this year.







Forum coordinator, Dr. David Montgomery leads the committee members towards the cool CAT club, located in the trendy Greenwich Village, the hub of arts and cultural happenings.







Johnny Saldana, theatre professor from ASU, is trying to be a cool CAT. Wrong color umbrella Johnny!









Robert Landy, NYU Director of Drama Therapy, thinks his umbrella will get him club entry. 











"Don't worry Joe, you'll get your cool gray umbrella soon." 










"Cecily O'Neill and Nancy Swortzell having fun at the cool CAT club"







"Ramesh has his doubts about the cCc badges, but Dr Taylor is ready for action"








"Is that Triona our host at the cool CAT club"?






"Triona's is now open for the cool CATs, 237 Sullivan Street (between West 3rd and Bleeker St). Discounts on presentation of the umbrella or T shirt"