Call for Papers: Arts Education - to what end?

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Call for Papers: Arts Education - to what end?

Artists, scholars, educators, and others who share a profound concern for the present and future state of arts education are invited to submit proposals for a conference that will consider the end of arts education. This interdisciplinary conference presents an important opportunity to reassess, rethink, and redefine the nature and future of our field. It provokes the fundamental question: Arts education- to what end? The Arts Education conference will be held at New York University's Kimmel Center for University Life on March 7 and 8, 2008. The abstract deadline has been extended to November 5.

Email abstracts and the cover sheet to Daniel Young at

Please include the following cover sheet with your abstract: Abstract Cover Sheet

For questions about the conference please call (212) 992-9380.

In an era of standardized testing, shrinking budgets, and educational reforms that purport to keep teachers accountable and to leave no students behind, what is the role and place of arts education? How are arts educators contributing and responding to national and local arts and educational policies? How can arts education programs foster innovative forms of creative cultural expression, intercultural understanding, and civic engagement? Is arts education adequately preparing students as cultural producers-artists, teachers, researchers, and intellectuals-who can successfully negotiate a rapidly transforming and globalizing world? Where can arts educators turn for rich pedagogical models and reflective contemporary artistic frameworks?

Known as a world leader in Arts Education, the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs across four artistic disciplines: dance, music, theatre and visual art. Arts Education at NYU Steinhardt is characterized by a strong commitment to critical inquiry, arts based research and practice, and socially engaged scholarship and teaching. Boasting a dynamic faculty made up of highly visible artists and scholars on the cutting edge of their fields, Arts Education at NYU Steinhardt is committed to preparing teachers for the opportunities and challenges of urban arts education in an ever-changing world. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village-one of New York City's most creative and historic neighborhoods-NYU Steinhardt draws on the rich diversity and cultural wealth of New York City, NYU, and the New York City school system. It offers unparalleled opportunities to study, teach and create across a diverse range of educational, artistic and professional settings.

Papers should relate to the topics identified in the second paragraph above. Please clearly articulate (in the abstract-max 250 words) which art or arts your topic addresses. Feel free to also address additional topics you deem appropriate.

Thank you!!

Susan R. Koff, Ed.D., Director, Dance Education Program

CC: NYU Steinhardt Committee
David Darts, PhD
Susan R. Koff, EdD
Cathy Benedict, EdD
Nan Smithner, PhD
Philip Taylor,PhD
David Elliott PhD
Joe Salvatore, MFA
Christina Marin, PhD
David Montgomery, PhD
John Gilbert, EdD
Dipti Desai, PhD
Barbara Bashaw, MA, CMA