Call for Proposals - AME Conference

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Call for Proposals - AME Conference

The program committee will be pleased to receive your proposals, according to the conference theme, in the following broad categories:

  • Cosmopolitanism and Civic Education
  • Moral Development and Moral Education
  • Values of and for Democracy
  • Teaching Ethics in a Pluralistic Society
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace-making.

We invite proposals from scholars and practitioners across the disciplines of psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science, history, cultural studies, and education. AME always presents a variety of research and theory on moral development, moral philosophy, and moral education across all age groups and contexts.

Guidelines for Proposals

Part 1
  1. State the title of your proposal (10 words maximum)
  2. Indicate which category your proposal falls under:
    1. Cosmopolitanism and Civic Education
    2. Moral Development and Moral Education
    3. Values of and for Democracy
    4. Teaching Ethics in a Pluralistic Society
    5. Conflict Resolution and Peace-making.
  3. Please indicate the format(s) you prefer and also the formats that will be unacceptable to you:
    1. Paper presentation (20 minutes, to be grouped with like papers)
    2. Symposium of 3 papers (20 minutes each)
    3. Poster presentation
    4. Roundtable presentation
    5. Work Group format
    6. Workshop (3 to 4 hours) first day of the conference (Nov.15th)
  4. Provide full name, title, and affiliation of first author, including postal address and e-mail address.
  5. Provide full name, title and affiliation of coauthor(s), including postal address and e-mail address.
  6. Provide an abstract of up to 100 words to be printed in the program (for symposia, we also need an overall abstract for the symposium and for each paper in the symposia).
  7. Indicate your media needs. All the conference rooms will be equipped with power point projectors and overhead projectors. Slides can thus be used for presentation.
  8. NOTE: For symposia, provide a symposium title, an abstract for the symposium and completed Parts 1, 2 for each paper.
  9. If you are submitting more than one proposal, please indicate the order of preference for presenting them. We may not be able to accommodate all multiple submissions.
Part 2
  1. For review purposes, provide a 250 to 500 word summary of your poster, paper, workshop or roundtable.
  2. Provide your primary discipline (e.g. philosophy, education, psychology, etc.).
  3. Provide age level focus (elementary, high school university/college, adult) of paper, workshop, etc.
  4. Provide three key words for the index.
  5. Make sure the proposal is complete. We can not assure a full review if the proposal is incomplete
Part 3

For those who have a book coming out in 2007 or who had a book come out in 2004-2006, please indicate:

  1. Name of book
  2. Names of all authors
  3. Publisher
  4. Whether you would like the book to be available for sale at AME
  5. Whether you would like to take part in a book signing event
Part 4
  1. Indicate whether this will be your first time attending AME.
  2. Indicate whether you are a student (graduate, undergraduate).
  3. Indicate whether you anticipate applying for financial help to attend the conference (the fee for students includes membership in AME, the AME Forum, and a subscription to the Journal of Moral Education). This information will not affect the review of your proposal but will help us gauge the amount of funds we need to seek to help students attend.
Part 5

Submitting a proposal indicates your willingness and ability to come to this conference if your proposal is accepted. Please include this statement in your proposal: If my proposal is accepted, I confirm that I will make every effort to attend the conference and to let the program coordinator know far in advance if that is not possible.

Part 6

If you are willing to be a reviewer of proposals please indicate your willingness as well as noting which category or categories of submissions you prefer to evaluate:

  • Cosmopolitanism and Civic Education
  • Moral Development and Moral Education
  • Values of and for Democracy
  • Teaching Ethics in a Pluralistic Society
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace-making.

Please also provide an e-mail address where you can be reached.

Submissions should be sent as Word document attachments to Sarah DeMott at New York University:

The submission deadline is May 1, 2007


The AME welcomes submissions for half-day intensive workshops for November 15th Contact Steve Sherblom (University of Missouri) at Workshops provide opportunities for people to share their expertise with practitioners and scholars on topics of mutual interest, such as moral dilemma discussion, approaches to civic education, research and methodological issues, etc.


Rundtables will focus on issues of education, activism, philosophy, or research