ASH Staff

Picture of Letizia La Rosa
Letizia La Rosa

Administrative Manager
Phone: 212-992-9477

As the Department Manager, Letizia oversees all administrative operations including human resources related activities, course scheduling and enrollment, facilities, grants, budgets and financial operations. Letizia has been a New Yorker since 1999 (and has been affiliated with NYU for a better part of that time!) and enjoys eating her way through her adoptive borough of Brooklyn.

Picture of Jamie Baldwin
Jamie Baldwin

Assistant Director, Advising and Student Services
Phone: 212-998-5639

As the Assistant Director for Advising and Student Services, Jamie oversees advising in the department and specifically advises programs in International Education (including supporting the International Education Student Board), History of Education, Education and Jewish Studies, Education and Social Policy, and Sociology of Education. She also works with admissions, student activities, alumni relations, and curriculum development. A native of California, Jamie has lived in 4 different states and 1 other country, and enjoys traveling, reading fiction, and scuba diving.

Picture of Randall Tilson
Randall Tilson

Operations Administrator
Phone: 212-992-9371

Randall Tilson is the Operations Administrator for the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science and Humanities. Randall supports the overall administrative mission of the department, particularly in the areas of course scheduling and human resources. He is an avid traveler, having lived abroad for several years before relocating to New York, and enjoys visiting the city's many beaches.

Picture of Jamie Remmers
Jamie Remmers

Senior Student Adviser (Undergraduate)
Phone: 212-992-9408

Jamie Remmers is the Senior Student Adviser for the Education Studies program, as well as the advisor for the two minors Global and Urban Education Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies. In addition to academic advising, Jamie instructs the New Student Seminar for first-year Education Studies students, as well as oversees programming and events for the major. Jamie has been part of NYU for five years, and is a native New Yorker (well, if you count Long Island). She is an avid soccer fan (and retired player), loves Game of Thrones, and is a cat mother to a beautiful Persian cat named Hamish that she adopted in Australia.

Danielle DiRienzo

Administrative Aide
Phone: 212-992-9371

Danielle is the Administrative Aide for the Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities.  Prior to joining the NYU community in 2016, she enjoyed 16 years working at Long Island University in her native Brooklyn, NY.  Danielle is an animal lover who has volunteered at various shelters and rescue organizations throughout the city.  She's also a long-time Bruce Springsteen fan, having attended over a dozen of his concerts. 

Picture of Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez

Student Adviser (Graduate)
Phone: 212-992-9479

Maria joined the NYU community in 2016 and is the adviser for the Applied Statistics MS students and meets with all prospective graduate students. She also advises graduate student clubs and is the internship coordinator for all ASH graduate students . Maria is an avid ice-cream aficionado and would be happy to direct you to the best dessert spots around the Village!