MA in Sociology of Education

Selected Recent MA Thesis Titles

Daisy Alfaro. Tracking in a Racially Homogenous High School: The Post-Secondary Outcomes of Tracked Latina/o Students.

Stewart Burns. Equity and Access in New York City's High School Choice Policy: A Quantitative Analysis of School Supply, Quality, and Distribution.

Fernando Javier Camberos. Achieving a Multicultural Guatemalan State through Empowerment Education.

Jessica Coffrin-St. Julien. Educating “Everybody Else’s Children:” Immigration and Education Policy in Arizona and Alabama.

Lindsay Daschle. Knowledge and Power: History as an Instrument of Social Control in South Africa’s Public Secondary Schools.

Alli Dunn. Content and Construct Validity of the DRSTOS-R: Multiple Perspectives on the Assessment of Teacher Quality at New York University.

Linsey Edwards. Coming from Where I’m from: Racial Identity and Achievement of Suburban Black Students.

Wes Edwards. A Measurement of College Preparedness for Limited English Proficiency Students: A Statewide Study.

Casey Escola. Teaching Empathy, Uncovering the Need for Greater Emotional and Social Learning in Early Childhood Education.

Erica Fry. Science and Ideology in Education Policy: The Case of Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education.

Emmanuel Garcia. Sociology in Urban High Schools: Stimulating Engagement Through Relevant and Meaningful Learning.

Tatevik Garibyan. Social Policy or Big Business: Federal Financial Aid for Higher Education.

Dana Grayson. The Politics of No Child Left Behind: How Are Competing Interests Influencing the Reauthorization of the Adequate Yearly Progress Provision?

Nora M. Gross. True to Norm: A Literature Review of Socially-Constructed Student Typologies and Their Consequences

Martha Hantzandreou. 3 Letters, 2 Outcomes, 1 Document... The IEP: Its Importance and Impact on Academic and Personal Growth for Students with Disabilities.

Stephanie Renee Harz. Children in Foster Care that Receive Special Education Services: Education and Foster Care Attributes that Correlate with High and Low Academic Achievement.

Sarah Hoppe. Similar Intentions, Divergent Results: The Migration of Waldorf Education and the Reggio Emilia Approach to American Soil.

Elizabeth Jose. Strong Women Start on a Bicycle: How Girls-Only Bicycle Empowerment Programs Can Help Urban Girls Grow Up To Be Strong Women

Shera R. Kenney. Public Single-Sex Education and Disadvantaged Males.

Loni Kirk. Early Literacy Instruction and Socioeconomic Status: A Content Analysis of Two Popular New York City Programs.

Dena Lagomarsino. Living in the Contradictions: LGBTQ Educators and Socially Just Pedagogies.

Eric Lam. Schools and Community Based Organizations: Linkages as Leverage to Social Capital.

Yader Lanuza. I Am a Good Student, Too: Academic Engagement and Academic Achievement at Brooklyn Academy High School.

Cameron M. Lewis. High Stakes for High Schoolers: Mapping the California High School Exit Exam through its Formation in State-Level Education Policy-Making Processes.

Christina López. Math Education in NYC’s Disadvantaged Schools: Bridging Connections between Teacher Quality and Eighth Grade Math Test Scores.

Candice Miller. Crossover Youth: The Failure of Federal and State Policy.

Emmanuel Moses. Narrowing and Moving Beyond the “Academic Achievement Gap”: The Use of Afterschool Programs in Supporting the Development of “At Risk” Adolescents.

Lila Nazar de Jaucourt. Differentiated Access: How Family Background Shapes School Choice Information.

Yoto Ooka. A Study of Head Start through the Lens of Its Purpose and Effectiveness.

Harshi Patel. Professional Development: NYC Elementary and Middle Schools.

Nirmal Patel. Alcohol Usage during Adolescence.

Nina Pessin-Whedbee. Bringing Politics Back to Community: Make the Road NY and Collective Housing Rights in New York City.

Sarah Pfeifer. “A Seat at the Table”: Social Justice through Environmental Education.

Wandaly Rentas. A Meta-analysis of After-school Programs Aimed at Positive Youth Development: Exploring the Application of the Community Action for Youth Development Framework to After-school Program Evaluation.

Samantha Saghera. Where Have All the Puerto Rican Organizations Gone?: A Tale of Two Nuyorican Non-Profits.

Elizabeth A. Samuel. The Power of Self: Enhancing the Achievement of African American Students.

Sabrina R. Sanchez. Social Justice, Equity and Democracy in Teacher Preparation: Preparing Future Teachers for Diverse Populations; Evidence through National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Jennifer Schwartz. Moving towards Universal Pre-kindergarten: Lessons from Oklahoma and New York.

Nina Spierer. Finding the Unicorn Within: Re-Imagining LGBTQ Safe Space for Youth through Drag.

Cristina Sosa. The Social, Economic and Educational Characteristics of Mexicans in New York City.

Anthony W. Tellish. An In-Depth Investigation of Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policies in American Schools.

Sara Trongone. Towards an Egaliatarian Philosophy of Praxis: Exploring the Educative Moment in Ranciere's Politics.

Kathryn Wanner. Integrating Discourses: How High School Culture Contributes to or Mitigates against Sexual Violence and LGBTQ Violence.

Casey Philip Wong. The Pedagogy and Education of the Black Panther Party: Confronting the Reproduction of Social and Cultural Inequality.

Simone D. Young. The Rebirth, Rebuilding, and Renewal of Public Education: A Case Study of the Post-Katrina New Orleans Charter School Movement.