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Richard Arum
Professor, Educational Sociology (Steinhardt) and Sociology (FAS)
Ph.D. (Sociology), University of California, Berkeley, 1996

His publications include: Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses with Josipa Roksa (forthcoming University of Chicago Press, 2010); Judging School Discipline: The Crisis of Moral Authority  (Harvard University Press, 2003); The Structure of Schooling: Readings in the Sociology of Education , co-edited with Irenee Beattie  and Karly Ford (Sage-Pine Forge, 2010); and Stratification in Higher  Education: A collaborative study of 15 countries, co-edited with Yossi Shavit and Adam Gamoran (Stanford University Press, 2007).

Specialization in legal and institutional environments of schools, comparative cross-national research on education and social stratification, vocational education and school discipline.

Floyd Hammack
Professor Emeritus, Educational Sociology (Steinhardt)
Ph.D. (Sociology), Florida State University, 1973

His publications include: The Sociology of Education: A Systematic Analysis, 6th Edition with Jeanne Ballantine (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2009); Social Capital, Financial Knowledge, and Hispanic Student College Choice with Noga O'Connor and Marc Scott (Research in Higher Education, May 2010); Paths to Legislation or Litigation for Educational Privilege: New York and San Francisco Compared, (American Journal of Education, May 2010); Teaching at the Secondary Level with Dana Grayson (International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teaching, Springer, 2009); For the Record: Editors' Introduction to a Special Issue on Small Secondary Schools (Teachers College Record, September 2008); Off the Record-Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Observations on the Small Schools Movement (Teachers College Record, September 2008); The Channeling of Student Competition in Higher Education: Comparing Canada and the U.S." The Journal of Higher Education , 76, 1 (January/February, 2005), 89-106; The Comprehensive High School Tod

Specialization in high school reform, social inequality and education and currently studying the blurring of borders between secondary schools and post-secondary institutions in the U.S.

Joseph Nelson
Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2015
PhD (Urban Education), The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, 2013

His publications include: "Relational Teaching with Black Boys: Strategies for Connected Learning at a Single-Sex Middle School" in Teachers College Record (2014); "Assumptions and Strategies: a model for “saving” boys of color", with Fergus, E., Noguera, P., & Martin, M., chapter in Schooling for Resilience: Improving the LifeTrajectory of Black and Latino Boys (2014); “It might be nice to be a girl…then you wouldn’t have to be emotionless: Boys' resistance to norms of masculinity during adolescence" with Way, N., Cressen, J., Bodian, S., Preston, J., & Hughes, D. in Psychology of Men and Masculinity (2014); "Reproduction, Resistance, and Hope: The promise of schooling for  boys" with Reichert, M. in Journal of Boyhood Studies (2012); "A place to be myself: The critical role of schools in helping boys be boys" with Reichert, M., Heed, J. Yang, R., & Benson, W. in Journal of Boyhood Studies (2012); and "Teaching about Race in an Urban History Class: The  Effects of Culturally Responsive Teaching" with Epstein, T., & Mayorga, E. in Journal of Social Studies Research (2011).

Specialization in intersectionality theory and urban schools, masculinity and schooling, boys’ education, single-sex public education, participatory research, school and university partnerships, and race and urban teacher education.

Lisa Stulberg
Associate Professor of Sociology of Education (Steinhardt)

Ph.D. (Sociology), University of California-Berkeley, 2001

Her publications include: LGBTQ Social Movements (Polity, 2018); Beyond Bakke: The Political Development of Affirmative Action in College Admissions, with Anthony S. Chen (Forthcoming); African American School Choice and the Current Race Politics of Charter Schooling: Lessons from History  I (Race and Social Problems, 2015); The Origins of Race-Conscious Affirmative Action in Undergraduate Admissions: A Comparative Analysis of Institutional Change in Higher Education with Anthony S. Chen (Sociology of Education, 2014); Diversity in American Higher Education: Toward a More Comprehensive Approach, with Sharon L. Weinberg,  (Routledge, 2011); The Teachers Union-Charter Impasse: Moving Forward from the New York Caps Fight (Education Policy Analysis Archives, 2010); Race, Schools, and Hope: African Americans and School Choice after Brown (Teachers College Press, 2008); School Choice Discourse and the Legacy of Brown (Journal of School Choice, 2006); The Emancipatory Promise of Charter Schools: Toward a Progressive Politics of School Choice, with Eric Rofes (State University of New York Press, 2004).

Specialization in sociology of race and education, African American schooling, school choice, affirmative action, LGBTQ politics and social movements.

Affiliated Faculty

Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng
Assistant Professor, International Education (Steinhardt)
Ph.D. (Sociology, Education Policy), University of Pennsylvania, 2014

Recent publications include: Community Poverty, Industrialization, and Educational Gender Gaps in Rural China (Social Forces); Are Immigrant Children Isolated at School? Nonparticipation in Extracurricular and Friendship Activities among Foreign- Born Youth (Teachers College Record); The Importance of Minority Teachers: Student Perceptions of Minority versus White Teachers (Educational Researcher); Is All Classroom Conduct Equal?: When Teachers Contact Parents of Racial/Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Adolescents (Teachers College Record); and Multiple Sources of Disadvantage: Evidence on Promoting Equity and Inclusion in Education (World Bank Press).

Specialization in Immigrant Adaptation, Race and Ethnicity, Social Capital and Education, East Asian Studies, Public Diplomacy.

Sean Corcoran
Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy (Steinhardt)
Ph.D. (Economics), University of Maryland, College Park, 2003

His publications include: The Twilight of the Setter? Local School Finance in a Time of Institutional Change with Thomas Romer and Howard Rosenthal (Economics and Politics, 2017); Pathways to an Elite Education: Application, Admission, and Matriculation to New York City’s Specialized High Schools with Christine Baker-Smith (Education Finance and Policy, 2016); Neighborhoods, Schools, and Obesity: The Potential Role for Place-Based Approaches to Reduce Childhood Obesity with Brian Ebel and Amy Ellen Schwartz (Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2016) The Effect of Breakfast in the Classroom on Obesity and Academic Performance: Evidence from New York City with Brian Elbel and Amy Ellen Schwartz (Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2016); The Gender Gap in Charter School Enrollment with Jennifer L. Jennings (Educational Policy, 2016); Value-Added and its Uses: Where You Stand Depends on Where you Sit with Dan Goldhaber (Education Finance and Policy, 2013); Not Just for Poor Kids: The Impact of Universal Free School Breakfast on Meal Participation and Student Outcomes with Jacob Leos-Urbel, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Meryle Weinstein (Economics of Education Review, 2013).

Specialization in economics of education, state and local public finance, applied microeconomics, trends in teacher quality, impact of income inequality and school finance reform, “value added” measures of teacher effectiveness, and high school choices of middle school students in NYC.

Rachel Elizabeth Fish
Assistant Professor of Special Education (Steinhardt)
Ph.D. (Sociology), University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2015

Her publications include: A Multilevel Analysis of Statewide Disproportionality in Exclusionary Discipline and the Identification of Emotional Disturbance with Aydin Bal and Jennifer Betters-Bubon (Education and Urban Society forthcoming); The Racialized Construction of Exceptionality: Experimental Evidence of Race/Ethnicity Effects on Teachers’ interventions (Social Science Research, 2017); Reducing Children’s Behavior Problems through Social Capital: A Causal Assessment with Ruth N.L. Turley, Adam Gamoran and Alyn T. Mc Cartney (Social Science Research, 2017); Is the Feeling Mutual?: Effects of a Family Engagement Program on Parent-Teacher Relationships in Low-Income Predominantly Latino Schools with Hannah Miller, Jessa Valentine and Michelle Robinson (American Journal of Education, 2016); Differences Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Families in Social Capital and Child Development: First-Year Findings from an Experimental Study with Adam Gamoran, Ruth N.L. Turley, and Alyn Turner (Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 2012).

Specialization in the role of schools in social inequality, particularly for racial inequalities, and the intersection of race and (dis)ability.

Stella M. Flores 
Associate Professor of Higher Education (Steinhardt)
Ed.D. (Administration, Planning, and Social Policy), Harvard, 2007

Her publications include: The Racial College Completion Gap: Evidence from Texas with Toby J. Park and Dominique J. Baker (Journal of Higher Education, 2017); Labor Market Returns for Graduates of Hispanic Serving Institutions with Toby J. Park and Christopher J. Ryan (Research in Higher Education, 2017); Breaking into Public Policy Circles for the Benefit of Under-Served Communities (International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, forthcoming); Does English Language Learner Identification Predict College Remediation Designation? A Comparison with Non-ELL Peers by Race and Ethnicity and Time in Program with Timothy A. Drake (The Review of Higher Education, 2014); The Impact of Enrolling in a Minority-Serving Institution for Black and Hispanic Students with Toby J. Park (Research in Higher Education, 2014); The Effect of Tuition Deregulation on Low-Income and Underrepresented Students in Texas with Justin C. Shepard (ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2014); Beyond the Test Score; A Mixed Method Analysis of a College Access Intervention in Chile with Ernesto Treviño and Judith Scheele (Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 2014). Higher Education and Children in Immigrant Families with Sandy Baum (Future of Children, 2011); The First State Dream Act: Immigration and In-State Resident Tuition in Texas (Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 2010).

Specialization in state and federal policies on college access, completion rates for low-income and underrepresented populations, Minority Serving Institutions, immigrant students, English Language Learners, role of alternative admissions plans and financial aid programs in college admissions, demographic changes in the US, Latino students and community colleges.

David E. Kirkland
Associate Professor of English and Urban Education (Steinhardt)
Ph. D. (Language, Literacy, and Urban Education), Michigan State University, 2006
J.D., University of Michigan, 2014

His publications include: Beyond the Dream: Critical Perspectives on Black Textual Expressivities Between the World and Me (English Journal ,2017); A Project that Humanizes: The Role of Hip Hop in Education with Hui-Ling Malone (Black History Bulletin: Poetry, Prose, and Music: Lyrical Voice of Black Arts Movements, 2017); A Dance of Bars: Rethinking the Role of Literacy Education in the Age of Mass Incarceration (Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 2016/17); Overcoming the Tradition of Silence: Toward a Critical Bilingual Education for the Voiceless (The NYSABE Bilingual Times, 2016); Preparing School Staff and Community Members to Support boys and Young Men of Color (New York State Blue Ribbon Committee to Improve Outcomes for Boys and Young Men of Color Field Document, 2016); Students’ right to their own language: A Critical sourcebook with Staci Perryman-Clark and Austin Jackson (Bedford St. Martins, 2014); A Search Past Silence: The Literacy of Black Males (Teachers College Press, 2013); Books like Clothes: Engaging Black Men with Reading (Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 2011); Listening to Echoes: Black Men, Literacy, and the Issue of ELA Standards (Language Arts, 2011); Choices We Can Believe in: City Parents and a New Direction in American Education (Journal of Equity in Education, 2010); "Black Skin, White Masks": Normalizing Whiteness and the Trouble with the Achievement Gap (Teachers College Record, 2010); Teaching in a Sea of Change: Linguistic Pluralism and the new English Education (English Education, 2010); We Real Cool: Examining Black Males and Literacy (Reading Research Quarterly, 2009); Skins We Ink: Examining Black Males and Literacy (English Education, 2009); The Rose that Grew From Concrete: Postmodern Blackness and the New English Education (English Journal, 2008).

Specialization in sociology of language and literacy, critical Black studies in education, critical linguistics, critical discourse approaches, urban studies in education, school change and climate, trauma-informed education approaches, segregation/integration, exclusionary discipline, cultural studies in education (including CRE), school-to-prison pipeline, and anti-racist education.

sj Miller
Deputy Director of Center for Research on Equity in Teacher Education at NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools
Research Associate Professor (Steinhardt)
Ph.D. (Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies), University of New Mexico, 2005

sj’s publications include: Rethinking schooling for the 21st Century: The State of Education for Peace, Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in Asia with Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (UNESCO, Forthcoming); Social Justice Policymaking in Teacher Education from Conception to Application: Realizing Standard VI with Leslie David Burns (Teachers College Record, 2017); (Ed.) Teaching, Affirming, and Recognizing Trans and Gender Creative Youth: A Queer Literacy Framework (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016); (Eds.) Educators Queering Academia: Critical Memoirs with Nelson M. Rodriguez (Peter Lang, 2016); Trans*+ing Classrooms: The Pedagogy of Refusal as Mediator for Learning (Social Sciences, 2016); A Queer Literacy Framework Promoting (A)Gender and (A)Sexuality Self-Determination and Justice (GALA Journal, 2015); Generation Bullied 2.0: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for our Most Vulnerable Students with Leslie David Burns and Tara Star Johnson (Peter Lang, 2013).

Specialization in transdisciplinary perspectives on social justice, which cuts across theory, epistemology and pedagogy. Main four areas of research include: Socio-spatial justice, Urban Education, preservice and inservice teacher dispositions, and marginalized/undervalued student literacies and identities with an emphasis on gender identity. Social justice, critical race theory, feminist theory, geospatial theory, spatiality and temporal theories, critical discourse analysis, anti-bullying theory/pedagogy, and critical literacy primarily frame sj’s work.

Collaborative FAS Faculty

Ann Morning

Associate Professor of Sociology (FAS)
Ph.D. (Sociology), PrincetonUniversity (2004).

Among her publications are: From Sword to Plowshare: Using Race for Discrimination and Antidiscrimination in the United States (International Social Science Journal, 2005); New Faces, Old Faces: Counting the Multiracial Population Past and Present (New Faces in a Changing America: Multiracial Identity in the 21st Century) edited by Herman DeBose and Loretta Winters (2002); and The Racial Self-Identification of South Asians in the United States (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2001).

Specialization in race and ethnicity, especially racial classification; multiracial population; demography; sociology of knowledge and science; immigration; economic sociology.