PhD in Sociology of Education

Sarah Klevan Full Bio

Name: Sarah Klevan                                                                            

Email Address:                     

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2015

Why did you choose to pursue a Doctoral degree in Sociology of Education?

Prior to pursuing graduate studies, I was a 5th and 6th grade teacher in Philadelphia.  This experience left me with research questions that, literally, kept me up at night.  I decided to pursue doctoral studies, with a focus on education, in order to continue thinking about the questions I had about public schooling that grabbed me and would not let go.

What is the focus of your research?

The overarching question that frames my work is: How and in what ways do schools simultaneously reproduce and disrupt patterns of inequality?  Within this larger frame, my work focuses on parent and community organizing efforts around educational justice.  My dissertation research locates this interest in Newark, NJ, where I am conducting an ethnography of a community effort to advocate for neighborhood schools.

Who is the professor or scholar who has influenced you the most?

It was Professor Sharon Ravitch’s (UPenn) mentorship that led me to pursue doctoral studies.  I came to NYU to work with Pedro Noguera, a scholar who has always prioritized the very real needs of students, parents and families.  Throughout my time at NYU, my learning has been shaped by many faculty in the department and beyond including Richard Arum, Lisa Stulberg, and Sharon Weinberg among others. 


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Fellowships/ Awards:

Steinhardt Doctoral Fellowship Proposal Summer Development Award 

Steinhardt Doctoral Student Travel Award

Jewish Organizing Initiative Fellowship

What are your career goals?

Upon graduation, I plan to pursue an academic appointment at a research I university. 

What do you like the most about the Sociology of Education program at NYU Steinhardt?:

The faculty in this program is so collegial, approachable, and supportive.  I have gained so much from my experiences working with faculty in the program.