PhD in Sociology of Education

Jessica Lipschultz Full Bio

Name: Jessica Lipschultz 

Email Address:

Expected Date of Graduation:  2017

Why did you choose to pursue a Doctoral degree in Sociology of Education?

I have always been interested in the structural components of the educational system and how mechanisms of inequity are created and perpetuated.  This program seemed like the most exciting way to learn theory and conduct research related to education by looking through the lens of sociology.

What is the focus of your research?

I am interested in school discipline.

Who is the professor or scholar who has influenced you the most?

There are so many!  In addition to all of the scholars whose work I have read and learned from, there’s nothing like having conversations with professors in the department to push your thinking.  Learning organizational theory from Richard Arum has shaped my thinking about school discipline. Lisa Stulberg’s pedagogical style of teaching theory and qualitative methods has helped me pay attention to my intuitions when in the field and analyzing data.


  • Lipschultz, J. (2016). An ethnographic look at student voice in an afterschool film program. Education and Youth Today: Sociological Studies in Children and Youth, 21.
  • Baker-Smith, C. and Lipschultz, J. (2016). Can disciplinary alternatives reduce low-level high school suspensions? Education and Youth Today: Sociological Studies in Children and Youth, 21.
  • Epstein, S. & Lipschultz, J. (2012). Getting personal? Student talk about racism. Race, Ethnicity, and Education, 15(3), p. 379 - 404.


  • NYU Provost’s Global Research Initiatives Fellowship
  • Steinhardt Doctoral Fellowship Proposal Summer Development Award
  • Steinhardt Doctoral Student Travel Award

What are your career goals?

I aspire to be a professor who gets students excited about learning and a researcher who carries out work that feels relevant, interesting, and important for making progress.

What do you like the most about the Sociology of Education program at NYU Steinhardt?

I love the flexibility in the range of coursework as well as access to talented professors committed to mentoring students. Of course, I also appreciate my colleagues, many of whom have become my friends, who take the time to think through big ideas with me.