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Expected Date of Graduation: 2017-18

Please describe the focus of your research:

I'm studying human agency and learning how students overcome personal and structural obstacles to succeed. Often sociology takes the strong structural view that social origin is the primary determinant for future outcomes, but my work shows how this can be oversimplified. My qualitative research studies students who defy expectations by succeeding academically and professionally, despite grave initial disadvantages. I am greatly interested in the concept of "grit," because both social and individual characteristics are necessary to hypothesize about increasing the agency of students. I believe we should be more socially gritty and realize that education is our primary collective responsibility.  

Professor or scholar who has influenced you the most:

As I enter my fifth year, I am beyond grateful for the mentorship of my chair, Pedro Noguera and adviser, Lisa Stulberg. They have helped me develop my methodological and analytic skill sets as a sociologist while also fostering my passion to remain a lifelong learner and teacher. I am also grateful for UPenn professor, Angela Duckworth, who is also on my committee and has strengthened my work through constructive feedback and kindness. 

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Teaching Experience:

Image of Anindya Kundu teaching an undergraduate classAdjunct Professor
American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education, Fall 2016

Adjunct Professor
Social and Cultural Reproduction: Research on Urban and Minority Youth, Spring 2016

Adjunct Professor
American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education, Fall 2015

Adjunct Instructor for Professor Pedro Noguera, Graduate Level Course
Social and Cultural Reproduction: Research on Urban and Minority Youth, Spring 2014

Co-Adjunct Professor
American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education, Fall 2014

Adjunct Instructor for Professor Pedro Noguera
American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education, Fall 2013


Closing Speaker at University of Pittsburgh's Institute for Learning, Designing for Difference Conference. "Provoke Student Voice, Agency, and Deeper Learning." May 19, 2017.

Participant for NYU’s 12th- Annual, Martin Luther King Oratorical Contest hosted by NYU Graduate Student Committee. February 7, 2017.

"American Educational Research Association (AERA), National Annual Meeting. April 27 - May 1, 2017. Paper, accepted for presentation. "Adding a Social Perspective to “Grit”: Investigating How Disadvantaged Students Navigate Obstacles and Gain Agency."

University of Pennsylvania, Duckworth Lab. April 16, 2015. "Examining the Agency of Disadvantaged Students: How Young Adults Navigate Obstacles." Presentation to lab on preliminary research framework, methodology, and current context in education.

American Libraries Association (ALA), Mid-Winter Conference. Sunday, January 25, 2014. “A Digital Frontier: America’s Learning Labs and YouMedia Sites.” Presented to national audience and ALA with Richard Arum. Presented initial findings from first 18 months of on-site research and interviews. Philadelphia, PA.

National Learning Labs Convening. Thursday, July 25, 2013. “Lessons Learned from Cohort 1: Challenges and Advice.” Presentation given to national audience of Cohort 2 Learning Lab Grantees. Pittsburgh, PA.

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Fellowships and Awards:

2017 Recipient of NYU Steinhardt School "Outstanding Doctoral Student Teaching Award"

TED Residency Program
Awarded spot in TED Residency Program for Spring 2017 Cohort. Residency runs from March 2017 – June 2017 to work on independent projects and end with a TED talk.

Research Fellowship
MacArthur Foundation Funded, New York University Project

I worked with Principal Investigator Dr. Richard Arum on a multi-method, multi-level study called Connecting Youth: The Digital Learning Research Project. I served as the lead coordinator for documenting the design and implementation phase of Learning Labs throughout America. Through a flagship initiative, these Labs have been funded in libraries and museums to engage youth through mentor-led, interest-based, collaborative experiences that use digital and traditional media. In addition to project-planning duties, I conducted qualitative interviews and ethnographic observations for our team.   

Steinhardt Doctoral Fellowship
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development

The Steinhardt Fellowship in Education provides full tuition support, an academic stipend for four years, and dedicated mentoring to promising Ph.D students at New York University.

What are your career goals?

To be in a position that requires learning as well as teaching something new, every day.

What do you like the most about the Sociology of Education program at NYU Steinhardt?:

I enjoy being surrounded by my diverse group of faculty and peers that have a vested interest towards bettering the current educational landscape. Their enthusiasm, commitment, and creativity are contagious.