PhD in Sociology of Education

Anindya Kundu


Program: Sociology of Education

Research Interests: Individuals and Agency, Structure vs. Culture Debate, Education and Stratification, and Psychology of Grit Studies

Principal Adviser(s): Pedro Noguera (UCLA), Lisa Stulberg (NYU), Angela Duckworth (UPenn)

 Dissertation Title: Adding a Social Perspective to “Grit”: Investigating How Disadvantaged Students Navigate Obstacles and Gain Agency

 Research Description/Bio:

Anindya Kundu is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology of Education program at NYU. He is in his fifth-year of doctoral studies, currently in the research phase of his dissertation, “Adding a Social Perspective to “Grit”: Investigating How Disadvantaged Students Navigate Obstacles and Gain Agency.” Anindya studies the relationship between agency and grit, and observing how different students in New York navigate extreme personal, social, and other institutional challenges to succeed. The study is predominantly qualitative, and looks to connect sociological and psychological discourses on educational achievement.

In the fall semester Anindya is the Adjunct Instructor for the undergraduate course, “American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education.” Last spring he also started teaching, “Research on Urban and Minority Education,” a graduate-level seminar on educational social theory. Both courses were designed and taught by his mentor, Dr. Pedro Noguera.

Selected Publications and Presentations:

"Achieving Agency: Regaining Collective Responsibilities for All Students to Succeed.” Rowman and Littlefield. (Forthcoming Book, 2017).

“Growing Roses in Concrete: A Perspective on How Agency and Grit can Foster the Success of All Students.” The Journal of School & Society, 18-31. Issue 3(2). 2016. 

 “No Student should have to be ‘White Enough’ to Succeed in School.” Post on Huffington Post, September 23, 2015:

 "Why Students Need More than 'grit'" NBC News Digital, 02 Mar. 2014. Web.  Co-authored with Pedro Noguera:

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