PhD in Sociology of Education

Selected Recent PhD Dissertation Titles

Noga Admon. Hispanic Students and the Decision to Attend a Community College.

Marci Borenstein (proposal). Organizing Immigrant Family Involvement: A Comparative Study of Two Urban Public Elementary Schools.

Jean Dauphinee. Factors Influencing the Institutionalization of Reading Recovery: A Survey of Schools in New York and New Jersey.

Karly Sarita Ford. Seeking Their Own Kind: Educational Homogamy and Social Stratification.

Jehanzaib Khan. School or Madrassa? Parents’ Choice and the Failure of State-run Education in Pakistan.

Christina López (proposal). Moving Up the Education Ladder: Second-Generation Dominicans in Higher Education.

Steven Oliver. Exploring the Utilization of Institutional Support Structures by Black Males on a Predominantly White Campus.

Catherine Wynne. An Analysis of Institutional Commitment and Goal Commitment at a Community College.