MA in Sociology of Education

Courses Fall 2019

Core Courses in Sociology of Education

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Course #Course TitleCreditsProfessor
SOED-GE 2002

Introduction to the Sociology of Education
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3 Lewis-McCoy
SOED-GE 3030

Classical Social Theory

3 Arcilla

Education and Social Policy

3 Washington

Principles of Empirical Research

3 Cruz

Research Methods

Course #Course TitleCreditsProfessor
APSTA-GE 2001 Statistics for Behavior and Social Sciences I (optional lab section; see Albert) 3 Weinberg
PADM-GP 2902*

Regression and Intro to Econometrics

Prerequisite: APSTA-GE 2001 or equivalent

3 Many 

Causal Inference

Prerequisite: APSTA-GE 2003 or equivalent

3 Hill
APSTA-GE 2110 Applied Statistics: Large Databases in Education 4 Mijanovich

Survey Research Methods

Prerequisite: at least 1 semester of Stats prior

3 Harel

Data Science for Social Impact

3 Hill
RESCH-GE 2140 Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry 3 Norman
RESCH-GE 2143 Participatory Action Research 3 Anderson
RESCH-GE 2147 Fieldwork: Data Collection 3 Drake

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Thesis Seminar in Sociology of Education

Course #Course TitleCreditsProfessor
SOED-GE 2510

Thesis Seminar

*requires attending mandatory meeting

3 Lewis-McCoy

Recommended Area of Concentration Courses

Course #Course TitleCreditsProfessor

Capstone: Applied Research in Educational Policy

Prerequisites: PADM-GP 2902 and APSTA-GE 2110 or equivalent

4 Weinstein 
INTE-GE 2545

Immigration and Education

3 Lukes
INTE-GE 2806

The Practice of International Education

3 Halpern
INTE-GE 2809

Int'l Studies in Human Rights Education

3 Monaghan
AMLT-GE 2072  International Perspectives on Educational Reforms 3 Moja 
APSY-GE 2097 Social Development of Children and Adolescents 3 Staff
APSY-GE 2105 Culture, Context, and Psychology 3 Astuto
APSY-GE 2527 Development of Immigrant Origin Youth 3 Staff
BILED-GE 2001 Bilingual Multicultural Education: Practice & Theory 3 Ebsworth
EDCT-GE 2018 Integrating Ed Tech in Teaching and Learning 3 Staff
EDLED-GE 2205 Advocacy and Education 3 Anderson
EDLED-GE 2305 Leadership for Educational Change 3 Anderson
EDLED-GE 2080 School Design: Issues and Challenges 3 Feijoo
EDLED-GE 2367 Demographic Analysis School/Community Planning 3 Mehrotra
HPSE-GE 2061 High School to College Transition 3 Flores-Montgomery
HPSE-GE 2068 The Impact of College on Student Success 3 Hersh
HPSE-GE 2161 Diversity in Higher Education 3 Funk
LANED-GE 2005 Intercultural Perspectives in Multicultural Education 3 Lum
MSWEL-GS 2175 Homelessness in Perspective 3 Padgett
MSWEL-GS 2203 Advanced Diversity, Racism, Oppression, and Privilege for Social Work Practice 3 Mays
MSWEL-GS 3308 Immigrant Families: Stressors and Adaptation 3 Staff
PADM-GP 2129+

Race, Identity, and Inclusion

3 Foldy
PADM-GP 2186+ Leadership and Social Transformation 3 Ospina
PADM-GP 2416+ Segregation and Public Policy 3 Faber
PADM-GP 2444+ LGBTQ Issues in Public Policy 3 Grainger
PADM-GP 4151+ Gender, Politics, and Leadership 1.5 Staff
SPCED-GE 2124 Historical and Contemporary Issues in Special Educ Policy, Research, and Practice 3 Smith
TCHL-GE 2515 Adolescent Learners in Urban Contexts 2 Staff

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