MA in Education and Social Policy

Recent Capstone-Practicum Projects

Education and Social Policy Capstone-Practicum

Students also gain experience through the required Capstone-Practicum course EDPLY-GE 2050, where they work in teams during their final semester to design and perform a research study. Projects are designed and written for a particular “clientele” in the policy community. Throughout the tenure of their Capstone-Practicum project, students are expected to consult with faculty who have relevant expertise in appropriate fields of research specialization. 

Below you can find the work that has been done in the past. Click the students' name below to see their Capstone-Practicum poster, and read on to find titles of recent Capstone-Practicum projects.

Education and Social Policy Capstone-Practicum  Titles and Select Posters

Fall 2017

Skimming and Segregation in Charters: An Analysis of Charter vs. Traditional Public Schools Populations in Two Cities - Rebecca Ivester

Do Schools that Waive High Stakes Tests Do Better? A Study of the New York Performance Standards Consortium Schools- Jessica D. Coleman, Jessica L. Dawson, Myra S. Jacobs, and Nitzan Ziv

Do Students Fare Better at Schools Where Teacher Ethnic Population is Reflective of Student Body Population? - Jerome Middleton

An Analysis of Parental Involvement, Income, and Academic Achievement - Jennifer Humphrey, Bhavya Shukla, and Bolanle Williams-Olley

Influence of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) on High School Completion: An Analysis on Students Demographic and School Factors - Ge Shen, Haoran Huang, and Zidong Wei

Fall 2016

School Finance: Fair Student Funding and its Impact on Student Test Scores in New York City - Ayisha Irfan

Learning Partners Program (CPRL) - Simrun Soni

Do Teacher Characteristics Affect Student Academic Outcome?: Evidence from New York State Education Department (2007-2009) - Cheng Sun and Ziwei Tang

Personalized Learning: Problem-solving the Challenges of the District-Wide Implementation - Brigid Timlin

Impact of School Funding on College Readiness: An Analysis Based on Math and English NYS Regent Examinations - Tamara Minott

Fall 2015

CPRL: The Evolutionary Learning Institute - Aiyana Mourtos

The Impact of Early Childhood Education on Children's Non-cognitive Outcomes - Zijian Huang, Uyen (Sophie) Nguyen, and Jiarui Zhang

Is NYC Neighborhood Gentrification Between 2001 and 2014 Associated with Positive Changes in Traditional Public Elementary Schools within Gentrified Neighborhoods? - Fang Huang, Ciani Jones, and David Mahler

The State Department of Education Early Childhood Unification - Mo Wang

Fall 2014

Influence of Expectations upon Postsecondary Plans: An Analysis of Student Demographics, Family Characteristics & School FactorsLan Dou, Pingping Liu, and Christine Rabbitt

School Finance: How Much Does Money Really Matter? An Analysis Based on Math and ELA Test ScoresHana Lee, Sisi Li, and Sarah Sanchis


Fall 2013

Does Violent Crime Affect Student Achievement? Evidence from Chicago, Illinois - Charmaine S. Lester

Emerging Trends and Recruitment Initiatives of the STEM Teaching Workforce: An Analysis of Teacher Quality, Motivators of Entry, and Gender Effects - Andrea Dykyj, Alicia Haelen, and Victoria Hess

How Does Poverty Impact Student Acehivement in Mathematics? A Comparative Study of the United States and Four Countries in East Asia - Sheena Watkins,Yan Yan, Zhuoyi Yu, Yu Fu

School Violence and Academic Achievement Evaluating the Effects of School Violence in Academic Achievement among High School Students - Yiqing Fang, Juliana Pena, and Ran Ren


Fall 2012

Kids in Chaos: Examining the Impacts of Disorderly School and Classroom Environments on Math Achievement in Elementary SchoolsAlexis Groner, Mingqi Jing, Frances Rivera, and Sara Shumway

How Do Parent, School & Home Factors Affect Parent Expectations for their Children’s Post-Secondary Attainment?Dongmo Li, Mengwei Luo, Lisa Richmond, and Jessica Zulawski

Bang for your Buck:  The Effects of Teacher Salary on RetentionAmudha Balaraman, Hee Jin Chung, Matthew Harrington, and Lianna Wright

Does Time Matter? The Effect of Instructional Time on Eighth Grade Math Achievement: A Comparative AnalysisHyeSun An, Yuzhen Deqingyuzhen, Stuart Klanfer, and Corey Savage


Fall 2011

College Readiness: High School Indicators of Successful Completion of Post-Secondary EducationAnnice Correia, Julia Forman, Berina Pobric, and Amanda Smith

The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning on Academic OutcomesCatherine Corbin, Alyssa Murphy, Kaitlin Trippany, and Rui Wang

Parent Involvement and Its Effects on Academic Achievement - Yuxing Deng, Marissa Hiruma, Nekisha Smith, and Toru Taguchi