Multinational Institute of American Studies

Russian Professors of Pedagogy

1995 Institute Fellows

Valentina Bogoroditskaya
Lecturer and Senior Researcher
Institute for National Problems
in Education
Moscow State Linguistics University

Lyudmila Bannikova
Professor of English
Pomor International University

Igor Krasnov
Professor of English
Karelian State Pedagogical Institute

Valentina Gorevaya
Professor and Head
Foreign Languages Department
Tver State University

Victor Moshkovich
Head of English Language Department
Chelyabinsk Pedagogical Institute

Marina Moskvina
Methodologist and English Teacher
Novosibirsk Retraining Center

Nina Zharkova
Republic Methodologist for English Instruction and Director of Further Education for English Instructors
Kalmykia Republican
Center of Development

Tatyana Babak
Lecturer on American Area Studies
Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University

Tatyana Kazantseva
Senior English Instructor
Russian University of Friendship

Galina Sharlayimova
Head of English Department
Komsomolsk-na-Amure Pedagogical Institute

Yuri Nikiforov
Senior English Instructor
International Economics Department
Chuvashia State University

Irina Fedosyonok
Lecturer on American Literature
Moscow Linguistics University

Elena Chuvasheva
English Teacher and School Methodologist
School No. 4, Kansk

Tatyana Shabanova
Senior English Instructor
Bashkiria State Pedagogical Institute

Irina Sokolovskaya
English Teacher and Textbook Author
School No. 15, Ryazan

Rimma Dyukova
English Instructor
Irkutsk Teachers Training Institute of Foreign Languages

Lyudmila Ergman
Head of English Department
Ussuriysk Pedagogical Institute

Olga Proshina
English Instructor
Khakass State Unviversity

Elena Shchiklina
Teacher of English and English Instructor
Perm Regional Gymnasium and Perm Machine-Building College

Lyubov Rodionova
English Teacher
School No. 123, Entuziastov

Sergei Polyakov
Head of English Department
Shadrinsk Pedagogical Institute

Valentina Sivakova
Bryansk Advanced Teacher Retraining Institute

Natalya Khrenova
English Instructor
Voronezh Pedagogical University

Evgeniy Vyazemskiy
Head of History Department
Moscow Electronics Institute

Natalya Sorokina
English Teacher and President of the Ural Club for New Trends in Education