MA and Dual MA in Education and Jewish Studies

Sample Part-Time MA Schedule (6-9 credits per semester)

Fall I:

  • EJST-GE 2005 Jewish Education in Social Context
  • HBRJD-GA 1518 The History of Jewish Education Over the Ages
  • SOED-GE 2002 Sociology of Education

Spring I:

  • EJST-GE 2003 The History of Jewish Education -- The Modern Period
  • SOCED-GE 2042 Teaching Social Studies in the Middle and Secondary School

Summer I:

  • APSY-GE 2620 Group Dynamics (offered in Tel Aviv for students interested in studying abroad)
  • SPCED-GE 2051 Foundations of Curriculum for Diverse Learners

Fall II:

  • EJST-GE 2008 Master's Seminar in Education and Jewish Studies
  • HBRJD-GA 1320 Yiddishism in the 20th Century

Spring II:

  • EJST-GE 2009 Master's Seminar in Education and Jewish Studies
  • FLGED-GE 2069 Teaching Foreign Languages: Theory and Practice
  • HBRJD-GA.3522 Israel: Struggle for Independence 1939-1948

Summer II:

  • SPCED-GE 2162 Education of Students with Disabilities in Middle Childhood-Adolescent Settings