MA and Dual MA in Education and Jewish Studies

Dual MA Degree Requirements

The Dual MA program requires 58 credits. Students complete the requirements for both MA programs concurrently.

The ability to count 6 credits of Hebrew and Judaic Studies electives toward the requirements for the MA in Education and Jewish Studies and 6 credits of Steinhardt electives toward the requirements for the MA in Hebrew and Judaic Studies provides a significant savings of both tuition and time, and reduces the total number of credits required for both degrees from 70 to 58.  This means students take 32 credits in Steinhardt and 26 credits in the Graduate School of Arts and Science.  Students register through Steinhardt for the first three semesters and the Graduate School of Arts and Science for the remainder of their academic careers.

38 credits for the MA in Education and Jewish Studies as outlined here.

32 credits for the MA in Hebrew and Judaic Studies consisting of the following:

Students complete two required courses (6 credits):

  • HBRJD-GA 1518 The History of Jewish Education Over the Ages
  • HBRJD-GA 1005 Recent Developments in Judaic Studies

Students also complete 20 credits by advisement, to be selected from other content courses, including but not limited to:

  • HBRJD-GA 1318, 1319 Academic Hebrew
  • HBRJD-GA 1601 Modern Jewish Thought
  • HBRJD-GA 1693 History of Contemporary Israel
  • HBRJD-GA 2115 The Bible and Literary Criticism
  • HBRJD-GA 2371 Readings in the Babylonian Talmud
  • HBRJD-GA 2462 Gender and Judaism
  • HBRJD-GA 2601 Seminar: History of the Ancient Near East
  • HBRJD-GA 2686 Colloquium in American Jewish History

The final 6 credits are transferred from the Steinhardt M.A.

Students must also:

  • pass a written comprehensive examination in Jewish history (students may use up to 3 Independent Study credits toward this exam)
  • submit a research paper written for a Hebrew and Judaic Studies course to two department faculty members to certify that the paper demonstrates research competence appropriate to the MA level
  • demonstrate competence at the second-year level of college Hebrew by the time the degree is completed in one of the following ways:
    • pass a departmental written proficiency examination
    • provide documentation of successful completion or equivalent of 4th semester college Hebrew (Intermediate II) 
    • informally audit Hebrew at NYU - attend and participate in class, complete all assignments and examinations, and ask the professor to submit a memo to the Skirball Department at the completion of Intermediate II that indicates that you have earned a B or higher
    • for more information or to make arrangements regarding your Hebrew proficiency, please contact Professor Kamelhar in the Skirball Department 

Please note:  Hebrew proficiency is not a requirement for admission to the program but must be achieved as a component of the MA.

Students are expected to enroll full-time in the dual degree program.

Students enroll in the Steinhardt School during their first three semesters and in the Graduate School of Arts and Science during their remaining semesters, but they take classes concurrently in both schools.

Most students can complete the dual degree program in two and a half years or less.