PhD in Education and Jewish Studies

Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. program in Education and Jewish Studies is conceptualized in terms of three sets of academic experiences:

  • courses in The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (42 credits), which include a combination of foundational courses, research courses, specialization courses, and cognate courses appropriate to the individual student's particular career interests and needs (see "Career Options" below).
    • Students select a specialization in one of the following departments:
      • Teaching and Learning
        • Sub-specialties include:  Early Childhood Education, Literacy Education, Social Studies Education, Special Education, and others
      • Administration Leadership and Technology
        • Sub-specialties include:  Educational Leadership, Education Communication and Technology, Higher and Postsecondary Education, and Business Education
      • Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities
        • Sub-specialties include:  Education and Social Policy, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, and others
      • Applied Psychology
        • Sub-specialties include:  Applied Psych, Human Development and Social Intervention, School Psychology, and others
  • courses in the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies (21 credits), including core courses in Judaic studies and specialization electives covering a wide range of Jewish history and tradition. Students are also required to demonstrate advanced Hebrew language competence.
  • the Education and Jewish Studies component of the program, which includes the following elements: (15 credits)
    • a two-semester foundational course sequence on the history of Jewish education from antiquity to the 21st century (6 credits)
    • a two-semester seminar for advanced students focused on research in Jewish education, including the students’ own research and writing (6 credits)
    • repetition of the advanced seminar until defense of the dissertation proposal (1-6 credits)

Students entering with a B.A. must complete the entire 78 credits of course work. Graduate study in education, Judaic studies, Jewish education, or allied subjects, completed at an accredited institution, may be presented for consideration of exemption from certain course work. This may reduce the total number of credits required for the degree, as follows:

  • Students entering with an M.A. in education may be exempted from up to two courses in education, reducing the total degree to 72 credits.
  • Students entering with an M.A. in Jewish studies may be exempted from up to 21 credits of Judaic studies course work, reducing the total degree to 57 credits.
  • Students entering with a M.A. in Jewish education may be exempted from up to two courses in education and four courses in Judaic Studies, reducing the total degree to 60 credits.
  • Students entering with an M.A. in a field other than education, Jewish studies, or Jewish education, may be exempted from up to two courses of equivalent and relevant course work, reducing the total degree to 72 credits.

In order to reduce the total number of credits required for the degree, the student must complete the Statement of Graduate Point Requirement for Doctoral Degree form from the Office of Admissions.  This form is will be sent to students during their first or second year of study. 

Doctoral students take four courses per semester.  If a student opts to take 4-credit courses or needs to take 13-16 credits for another reason, they must first get permission from their faculty advisers. 

Students must also demonstrate competence at the second-year level of college Hebrew by the time the degree is completed in one of the following ways:

  • pass a departmental written proficiency examination
  • provide documentation of successful completion or equivalent of 4th semester college Hebrew (Intermediate II)
  • informally audit Hebrew at NYU - attend and participate in class, complete all assignments and examinations, and ask the professor to submit a memo to the Skirball Department at the completion of Intermediate II that indicates that you have earned a B or higher
  • for more information or to make arrangements regarding your Hebrew proficiency, please contact Professor Kamelhar in the Skirball Department

Please note:  Hebrew proficiency is not a requirement for admission to the program but must be achieved as a component of the PhD.

The program culminates in a doctoral dissertation on a substantive topic in Jewish education.