PhD in International Education

Ozen Guven

Picture of Ozen Guven


HMSS Program: International Education

Research Interests: education in emergencies, refugee education, violent conflict and political activism, ethnic and religious identity

Principal Adviser: Dana Burde

Dissertation Title: “Exile Syrian Teachers: Emotions and Resistance in Everyday Practices of Refugee Schools in Turkey.”

Research Description/Bio:

Ozen Guven is a sixth-year doctoral candidate in the International Education program. Her dissertation “Exile Syrian Teachers: Emotions and Resistance” explores politicization among exiled Syrian teachers in Turkey and how teachers’ politicization influences everyday practices in refugee schools. In particular, the project examines the role of emotions in promoting acts of resistance or resignation among teachers in relation to the ongoing events in Syria. For this one-year ethnographic study, she collected data through semi-structured interviews with Syrian teachers working in camp and non-camp schools, participant observations in non-camp schools, and documents analysis of textbooks and other teaching materials.

Ozen earned a B.A. in Foreign Language Education at Bogazici University, Turkey, and a M.S. in International Relations at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She worked as a consultant for several agencies such as USAID and DFID, and taught academic English at Cankaya University in Turkey. The courses for which she worked as a teaching assistant at NYU include “Comparative Studies of Education: Qualitative Methods,” and “Cross-Cultural Studies of Socialization.”

Selected Publications and Presentations:

Burde, Dana, Guven, Ozen, Kelcey, Jo, Lahmann, Heddy, Al-Abbadi, Khaled (2015). What works to promote children’s educational access, quality of learning, and wellbeing in crises-affected contexts. INEE/DFID Rigorous Literature Review.

Guven, Ozen, Kapit-Spitalny, Amy, Burde, Dana (2011). The education of former child soldiers: Finding a way back to civilian identity. Education Above All.

“Refugee education in an environment of violent conflict: The case of Syrian refugees in Turkey,” Presented at the Georg Arnhold International Summer School on Education for Sustainable Peace organized by the Georg Eckert Institute, Braunschweig, Germany. July, 2014.